Post Processing 


Digital post processing is a necessary and very rewarding creative aspect to my workflow. I utilize Adobe Lightroom for basic editing adjustments to lay the ground work for any Photoshop adjustment, or 3rd party filter, that a particular image may benefit from. I utilize a variety of tools in Photoshop for the majority of my published images, from basic selections to more refined luminosity masks, to accomplish the vision that I have for any particular piece of work. I also adhere and teach a non-destructive Smart Object workflow to maintain the highest quality image utilizing as much image raw data available, while having the ability for simple retrace of all processes and adjustments.

Private Post Processing Instruction

I offer private post processing instruction either in person (if located near Albuquerque) or via Skype where I can instruct you in Adobe Photoshop techniques either on your PC or Mac.  

Please contact me with questions or to inquire about booking instruction. 

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