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We offer multiple drone services ranging from Instructional Drone Workshops on legal drone operation and photography as well as final  image and video production from a FAA certified, University educated Drone Operator.  We have wide ranging experience from real estate to property inspection to event photography.  




  • FAA Certified Drone Operator 

  • Embry Riddle Aeronautical University -Aeronautics, Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones)/Business Management

Private Drone Instruction Workshop Contents: 

Our 1 day, 8 hour workshops are balanced between classroom learning and hands-on operation. Half the day will focus on all aspects of legal drone operations and safety while the remainder of the day will discuss equipment differences and camera usage. Subjects to be covered include:

-Legal & Airspace requirements (Drone Laws for New Operators) 

*How to get registered

*What you can & can't do as a hobbyist drone operator

*What to do around airports 

*State Parks, National Parks airspace do's and don'ts

-Drone Safety

*Lithium battery knowledge

*Safe operating knowledge 

*Environmental Factors (Radio/cellphone frequency interference, urban flying) 


*Drone options & variances 

*Camera comparisons

*Secondary equipment (tablet operation, chargers, controller mounts, landing pads, extras)

*Steps to take when your drone crashes

-Camera operation

*Camera settings for image/video acquisition

*Camera filters and accessories to maximize your content

*Post-production 101 for still images and video

*We also offer customized instructional workshops based on an individual or company's need. Please Contact Us for specific information. 

                                                  for your special needs.

Drone Services:

Real Estate: 

Make your property listings stand out with the help of real estate drone videos, incorporated in to your portfolio! Real Estate Professionals can add an impressive visual experience with drone videos, buttoned up to our interior still-shots. An agent's portfolio instantly comes to life with stunning footage from all angles, above and beyond! Aerial real estate photography is definitely the most innovative way to attract home sellers.

Custom Solutions: 

We offer wide ranging capability.  

What is your idea? We offer customized solutions for diverse and 'out-of-the-box' projects that will reduce time, money and manpower. 

Sample Footage:

*Please note that some special events require an FAA waiver to be filed, so advanced planning is required.

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